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    Suffixes: -al following -ic

    In a word ending in -ic followed by -al, does it make any difference to the meaning, function, or any relevant aspect of the word to knock off that last suffix?

    For example, is there any actual difference between "philosophic" and "philosophical," or does one just arbitrarily have another suffix tacked on? Same with "hypothetic" and "hypothetical" (the former of which many nonsensically don't even recognize as a word), "lyric" and "lyrical," etc.

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    Re: Suffixes: -al following -ic

    It depends on the word. If you knock the -al off "musical," you change the word from an adjective to a noun...

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    Re: Suffixes: -al following -ic

    somtimes it changes the part of speech of the word

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    Re: Suffixes: -al following -ic

    There can be- historic/historical. for instance.

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