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    Unhappy Please, Please Help!

    Hi everybody,
    I really need your help with this...I’m looking for some informal or common used Adjs for babies when they say clever things in a an attractive way...Saying such very nice things they sound very bright for their age.........................I know this doesn’t sound right, but I‘m giving you this word-by-word translation from my language (Persian), so that this may give you an idea what I’m looking for........Please Help if you can,...So many thanks! Ex: “She’s such a Sweet-Tongue baby!”
    “Sweet-Tongue”, is the adj in Persian and I’m looking for its English equivalent. (Preferably British usage)

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    Re: Please, Please Help!

    These are all remote possibilities, but none of them does the job:

    showing a naïve simplicity [very academic]

    People often use a biblical phrase for when a young child says something perceptive and true: 'Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings...'. (The biblical uses - I think there are two - are not very relevant, and are pretty obscure, so people who use the first phrases seldom complete the sentence.)


    PS There are terms that sound like the Persian - 'sweet-tongued', 'silver-tongued' - but neither of these applies to children, so don't be led astray by an apparently neat 'translation'.
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