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  1. yavorganev

    Authentic English texts

    I have only one simple question:
    Where on the Internet can I find authentic texts in English such as quotes from books, whole adapted book sections, essays, rubrics from newspapers, etc.?
    Thank you in advantage for any helpful advice.

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    Re: Authentic English texts

    If you could be more specific about what you are looking for I could provide a more definitive answer. You might try for texts of literary works.

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    Re: Authentic English texts

    Thanks, that was very useful. What about daily or weekly newspapers which can be read online, or something containing articles and daily or weekly rubrics?

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    Re: Authentic English texts

    Most major newspapers and journals have websites. Google them with the title of the periodical and "online" >> "Spectator online". Many give full text of their major articles or reports.

    Bartleby and Gutenberg are ostensibly "out of copyright" services - but there are grey areas and you may have to pay for full text.

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