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    Cool beat odds


    In the following title: "Palestinian filmmakers beat the odds to hit silver screen" What does beat the odds mean. And what does "against all odd" mean?

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    Re: beat odds

    The odds are what bookmakers give on a sporting event. The higher the odds, the lower the payout if you bet with the odds. If a horse is a "10 to 1 favourite" to win a two-horse race, and you bet on him to win, so will have 9 others. Only one will have bet on the nag. If your steed wins, you have to share the single lost bet among all 10 of you who bet on the winner. However, if the nag wins, "against all odds" [and it's odds, not odd], then that lucky bettor will take all the money from the other ten! (Less of course, the bookmaker's share.) And you would have "beat the odds."

    The example you have given suggests that Palestinian filmmakers are not considered very likely to "hit the silver screen" - or to have a hit movie. When one of them did, he beat the odds.

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