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    Question You are to .. ?

    I can't figure out what that is and when to use it :
    "How likely do you think you ARE to do that part ?"
    In another case :
    "Now remember, you ARE not to the test until the teacher tells you to."

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    Re: You are to .. ?

    You have "be to," an English phrase that's one of the devices used to set things in future time [English has no future tense].
    The first, "how likely do you think you ARE TO do that part" is the question form of "you ARE [likely] TO do that part." This "ARE TO " specifies a plan or arrangement for the future.

    The second, "you ARE not TO do the test...." conveys an order.

    [The third use of BE TO sets forth a fate or destiny: "She met Leadbelly, who WAS TO become the greatest folksinger of his time."]

    Your seeing TO BE as a syntactic and semantic unit shows that you're already a pretty good English grammarian. [[But you'll never make much money in the trade.]]


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    Re: You are to .. ?

    Thanks for your answer !
    In the first case : "you ARE TO do that part.", is 'are to' closer than 'are going to' or 'will' ? When is it really right to use it instead of 'going to' or 'will' ?


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