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    Smile using the word "dare"

    How can I using the word "dare" in a sentence and what the meaning of it?

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    Re: using the word "dare"

    Hi rrperera

    From Learning English | BBC World Service
    Dare, meaning have the courage to do something, can also be used in two ways:
    * as an ordinary verb followed by an infinitive with to, with s in the third person singular and with questions and negatives formed with do

    • He never dares to criticise her for wasting money and she doesn't dare to interrupt him when he's working.

    * as a modal auxiliary verb followed by an infinitive without to, with no third person singular s and with questions and negatives without do:

    • Dare she tell him what she thinks about him? She daren't say anything. He will only shout at her. "How dare you speak to me like that?" he will say.

    Differences in use are not as fixed or clear cut between doesn't dare to and daren't as they are between doesn't need to and needn't, except in expressions or collocations such as:

    * How dare you? > How dare you walk away when I'm talking to you?
    * I dare you to… I dare you to go up to him and ask him for a date.
    * I dare say… > I dare say you're pretty hungry after all that cycling.

    In this last example, I dare say means I suppose.

    Occasionally you will find mixed modal/ordinary verb structures, such as:

    • He didn't dare complain about the quality of the food.
    • Don't you dare! > Don't you dare throw that snowball at me!

    Note that dare, like other modals, is never used in progressive form and need is not often used in progressive form:

    • I was driving as fast as I dared.
    • Are you driving into town today, Tom? Jack needs a lift.
    • Will you be needing any help with your homework?

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