please chek and correect my grammer for a motivation letter
(frstly I would like to know if a motivation letter has 2 addresses becouse this is my firsty time writting a mottivation letter and I know my english is bad)

Dear sir/madam

I am currently a first year Mechanical Engineering student at sssssssss, and expecting to receive my diploma in December 2011. Please concinder my application for bursary at ttttttttttt for the second semester 2009.

I was always better in Maths,Science and Electrical technology comperd with the other subjects in high school. I found mechanics, cars and robotics facinating and I wished to understgant them more fully. I always had a desire to become a Robotic Engineer. I was happy to find out that to become a robotic Engineer you have to study Mechanical Engineering, Which required all things which I was beter better in. Mechanical Engineering it's better becouse you can actually see whats happening and allows you to do almost anything.

While studing at this instutution with opportunities to get to the real world before you graduate,I made a reseach on the top companies with careers in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics. I found that some are even offering bursaries to people like me. The bursary that tttttttttt is offering Is one of the excirting and challenging opportunity bursaris and could be usefull to my future caree and I feel that by the time I finish my studies I will make a positive contribution to your company.

Please find ednclosed copy of my curriculum vitae and mattric results,which I hope will interest you. I am avalable for interview as my university allows me to go for important interviews. Please contact me and my university to arange interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and I'm lokking forward hearing from you

Your sincerely