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    a split second/ counts/ subdued

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences from an English text?

    Henry was about to vent his rage at this man, this man who was to him the Almighty’s representative, a split second before the white bearded man voiced these words.

    a split second = , an instant, a flash, a twinkling, as quick as thought

    You are accused before this Court in terms of an indictment containing 15 counts.

    count = any of the separate and distinct charges in an indictment.

    But this morning, Jonathan was unusually subdued. Even Harold, who was eleven and could be just as rowdy at breakfast as Alan, hardly said a word."

    subdued = oppressed, moody, downtrodden

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: a split second/ counts/ subdued

    The first two are correct; the third is more nearly "quiet"

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