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    Learning English, as a ESL, when a dream comes true

    Since my early childhood I had a dream of learning English , I a from a time when internet did not exist.

    Legend says that Walt Disney used to reinforce the idea that when you have a dream and believe in it, you will certain have your dreams come true some day.

    I came from a very poor family and using the recourses available on these old days , like cassete tapes, long playings, listening to Voice of America programs and scholarships, learned most of the basics, and because of my efforts, stayed 30 years working civil aviation .

    I posted this issue, because I would like to learn stories like this one of people who insisted on his idea of studiying English as a second language.
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    Re: Learning English, as a ESL, when a dream comes true

    Felicidades! You've done well in that case, congratulations.

    And about Walt Disney, it's not just a legend, it's true, he did promote that idea:

    When you wish upon a star,
    Makes no difference who you are,
    Anything your heart desires
    Will come to you

    If your heart is in your dream
    No request is too extreme
    When you wish upon a star
    As dreamers do.

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