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    then=than, where=were?

    I''ve observed a website where 'then' is all used as 'than', 'where' as 'were'. However, they('then' and 'where') are also used in their normal contexts. It's updated on a daily basis, so I don't ascribed them to spelling mistakes. The writer is claimed to be from a US city called 'San Dimas'. Following is some examples:

    1. However, deaths caused by stupid people shaking the champagne bottle and then pointing it at unsuspecting guests just before popping the cork where up by 59%.

    2. The potential market for this search engine is much bigger then even Google's market.

    Are they some kinds of dialect in that place? Could anyone explain it to me, please? Thanks very much!

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    Re: then=than, where=were?

    They are typos, mistakes made when using the keyboard. They are nearly homophones, so they can slip by when checking things.

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    Re: then=than, where=were?

    Phycology gets involved in these typos.

    1- Where can I get the best champagne?
    2- I came to think this search engine first, then I thought of Google.

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    Re: then=than, where=were?

    Quote Originally Posted by blacknomi

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    Re: then=than, where=were?

    Hahaha too phoney!


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    Re: then=than, where=were?

    You mean Google.


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