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    Re: zero article or the

    how do i know "zero article or the"?

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    Re: zero article or the

    how do i know "zero article or the"?
    Hi Jennifer,

    I see this is your first post, so Welcome to UsingEnglish!

    Jennifer, that's a big, complex question...maybe bigger and more complex than you realize. This is the kind of question that requires a lengthy, detailed explanation covering many cases (it's also phrased in a way that suggests you haven't made a lot of effort to learn about this on your own, which is possibly why people aren't falling all over each other to try and answer it.)

    My suggestion is to try and learn what you can from the whatever material you have available, and then ask more focused questions about specific things that you're unsure of. If you ask a more specific question, you're much more likely to get a good, timely response. If you just ask for a lecture, people are more likely to go on to the next question.

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