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    Question What does swath mean?

    Iīm translating an essay into Spanish about sowing and harvesting mustard. I donīt want the word in Spanish (if you have it, better), I just want someone to explain me what a machine that swathes does. I found the noun in a dictionary (the word i want is a verb) an it means "the width cut by a single passage of a scythe or mowing machine". So, i suppose that swath is more or less the same as harvest. Am i right? I also want to know what a windrow is.
    Please, donīt answer only "yes" or "no". I want an explanation with your own words of the verb to swath.
    Thanks a lot!
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    Re: What does swath mean?

    As the dictionary says, the width of a cut made by a scythe. You cut a swathe to start off the harvesting of a field.

    A wind row - a row of cut grass/grain heaped up by rake, along which the wind can flow enough to help in the drying.

    Windrow image by bionicdaniel on Photobucket


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