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    Exclamation just a question of a little kiss!

    (His daughter was in a train, while he was out, he kisses his fingers and throws her the kisses, she behaves like she got them, then she kisses her fingers in turn and throws him theses kisses, the father behaves like he got them)

    is this -grammatically- correct? And if its, somebody can write it in better way?
    Thanks everybody

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    Re: just a question of a little kiss!

    While the daughter was in the train, here father was out, throwing kisses at her in the air. She reacted as though she received them on the cheek, then threw him kisses in turn. Likewise, the father reacted as if he got them.

    To be honest, I know this not a truly better rephrasing, for I am poor concerning such expressions. But I offered you the best I could.

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