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    Question Which one...?

    Which one is a better grammatically constructed sentence?
    1-I often watch movies.
    2-I watch movies often.
    ...and tell me why please!...Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Which one...?

    Hi Delapoma

    Both of these are fine:

    1. I often watch movies. <pre-modifies>
    2. I watch movies often. <post-modifies>

    As you know, the rule is to place only before the verb, as in 1., which isn't to say that placing it at the end of the sentence, as in 2., is wrong. It's not wrong. Speakers do it for several reasons:

    • if it stands for a larger phrase, say elliptical (very) often,
    • for emphasis or
    • as an afterthought:
    3. I watch movies (very) often.
    4. I very often watch movies.
    5. I watch movies often.
    6. I watch movies--often.

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    Smile Re: Which one...?

    Thanks,these are the aspects you never find in a grammar book!That's why I love this page.


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