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    Question which

    Where to put 'which' as an object pronoun?

    As far as I know, the adjective clause pronoun should be placed as close as possible to the noun it modifies. How about this sentence:

    1. Jessy is attached to a morning paper at any time and everywhere,
    which she bought yesterday.

    2. Jessy is attached to a morning paper, which she bought yesterday, at any time and everywhere.


    3. I watch a movie with my boyfriend every two weeks which costs $25.

    4. I watch a movie, which costs $25, with my boyfriend every two weeks.

    Are sentences #2 and 3 correct? Sometimes, it is difficult to put the object pronoun closer to the noun it modifies.
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    Re: which

    Sentences 2 and 4 are correct. Sentences 1 and 3 are always incorrect, for exactly the reason you have cited.


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