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    Looking for 4 phrases

    I'm looking for a 1) gerund phrase 2) infinitive phrase 3) absolute 4) and a participal phrase
    Can you tell me if there is one out of all of this? If so what is it doing...acting as an adjective...etc.

    I never really trained for anything shorter than a 5k; however, during the first meet of teh season of my senior year, my couach asked me if i wanted to run the mile. I decided to go for it. I came in first! I decided to run the mile again at our next meet to see if i oculd get my time down. the following is how I remember the race proceeding, but first one must understand that due to the small meets we had (home school groups and private schools only), sometimes the boys and girls woud run together. This was teh case for this particular race.

    I am nervous. We are all lined up on the track. I am trying to distract myself from the gunshot that I know is soon to come. I stretch a little, and take a couple of quick hops, shaking my legs to keep my muscles loose. It is fairly mild outside with a slight breeze and sunny skies; great weather for running. Suddenly I hear a voice commanding runners to get to their mark. My heart is pounding; I give a quick shake to my legs again and crouch down into my starting position. The worst part of a race happens now; as I am waiting for the gun to go off. The anticipation and anxiety are tremedous!

    Then it happens. I hear a loud crack, and instinctively lunge forward into the crowd of shuffling runners.

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    Re: Looking for 4 phrases

    We don't do homework on this forum but help with it.

    Give us your opinion and solutions and you will get the help you need.

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    Re: Looking for 4 phrases

    This is not homework. This is to better help me understand how to pick out these phrases for an exit exam I have coming up in comp. 1. I would never cheat and do not like the fact that you suggested I did. I just need to know if any of these are because if so it will help me to identify these when reading.

    I think that "I never really trained for anythign shorter than a 5k" is a participal phrase.

    "I am trying to distract myself from the gunshot that I know is soon to come" I think is an infinitive but not sure.

    That is why I asked! So, if you could possibly help that would be GREAT!!


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    Re: Looking for 4 phrases

    Fair enough.
    1) There's a gerund in "weather for RUNNING." [The STARTING position word is an attributive gerund; such a gerund is always louder that the word it modifies.]
    2) There are infinitives in "wanted TO RUN"// "decided TO GO for"//"decided TO RUN"//"meet TO SEE"//"trying TO DISTRACT"// "soon TO COME"//"legs TO KEEP my muscles"//"runners TO GET on"// "gun TO GO off"
    3) There's an absolute in ",SHAKING my legs"//
    4) Participal phrase is too vague. There's are present- progressive participles in " the race PROCEEDING"// am TRYING" //COMMANDING// "POUNDING"//and WAITING."
    You handle English well - good luck.

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