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    I need some help

    I am attending a course to become a teacher of English, at the Teachers Education Programme. Iīm in third year.-
    In the Oral Expression class, we are dealing with a text written by Gene Kemp, M13 on Form. As far as I know, M13 stands for the designation of a classroom. But I canīt get the meaning of the rest of the tittle (on Form).
    I think itīs a kind of game word, due to the text I mentioned above.
    Can anybody help me to understand it properly?

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    Re: I need some help

    If you're on form, you're doing well, getting good results, etc. Also a form is another word for a class of pupils. It can also mean that proper way to behave in certain situations.

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    Re: I need some help

    Thanks a lot Tdol!!
    Your answer was really useful!!!


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