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    What does he mean?

    Hi everyone,
    My teacher wrote a comment on my research, which I really would like to know what it means. The comment was as follow:
    "A spirited attempt to construct an argument which befits a veritable devil's advocate."
    I know what is a devil advocate, however, I want to know what does this sentence mean in general.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: What does he mean?

    You did a good job playing it


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    Re: What does he mean?

    Really, thanks, I am really happy now. So, I am a good student..opss I ment excellent student.

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    Re: What does he mean?

    You probably meant an excellent student. Your teacher did- a spirited effort is a good, keem, lively one.

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    Re: What does he mean?

    Yes, I meant that I am an excellent student however, ment is good. One more thing, I did all the work, he did not do anything for me. He just put the mark and underlined the mistakes, if there were some.


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