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    letter of Motivation

    Letter of Motivation

    I am writing to you to apply for the Masterís Degree in English and American Studies in which I am particularly interested in. My aim is to gain more knowledge, become more efficient, share experience from native professorís .The Oxford University is the best opportunity ever for me and my future career and therefore I am sure that will help me to complete my strong desire that is to become an effective professor and having superior knowledge.

    Since my early years my goals in life always have been to study hard and be successful and one day to interpret my knowledge to others. The question of choosing the right career and the one that will make it possible for me to develop my skills, abilities and ideas was very important to me.
    The first step that I made for my future was applying to the medical school in my home town. My academic records were excellent and they were pleased to accept me. During that time nursing was my passion, and just helping others it helped me grow and become more mature and view life not just from the bright side. My academic records were excellent and I used to go to practice for three years. I learned the most important and basic things that according to me everyone has to know. I became a professionalism in injecting, assisting to doctors etc.
    That was not where I wanted to stop, since I adore children I wanted to take another important step and that was include myself in teaching. While I was attending the medical school I was constantly going to English classes in Gostivar so I could be proficient on fields, nursing and learning English Language. That helped me apply to South East European University and register The English Language and Literature faculty. I was accepted. Therefore at the beginning of the first semester I was informed that I also got the scholarship for which I applied. This was a strong point in my life and my career.
    During my past three years, I have studied English Language and Literature in South East European University in Macedonia, Tetovo. This third year program helped me gain excellent education in English Language and Literature and this prepared me for my future career as teacher. But, I also learned basic things related to public speaking, multiculturalism etc.During my experience as a student in South East European University it has given me the opportunity to be taught by Native English speakers, and that has helped me a lot.

    To further my career aspirations, I want to obtain a Master's Degree in English and American studies in Oxford University. Having the knowledge I have will allow me to better understand English matters and Literature issues. With all the knowledge obtained in South East European University, I feel prepared to make one further step in my professional career.
    In conclusion, I would like to say that I am a very hardworking, enthusiastic and dedicated to my studies. I am eager to gain new knowledge and experience and the program that you are offering is the best way for me to achieve my aims. As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford is a University that offers opportunities to get to a higher level to a person who is willing to gain more and more.

    I look forward to launching my new career. Should you have any questions, please contact me at my email address: [email protected] or my university web site: [email protected].

    Thank you for considering my application,
    Sincerely yours

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    Re: letter of Motivation

    Let's take it a step at a time, Arje.

    I am writing to you to apply
    --that's pretty obvious. Better stated would be, "I am applying..."

    for the Master’s Degree
    --oddly, it's Masters Degree (not possessive) or, in short, a Master's (possessive).

    in English and American Studies in which I am particularly interested in.
    --double "in" in there. Drop the last one. And a comma after Studies would clarify that you are interested in the entire subject, not just some specific elements in which you are interested.

    My aim is to gain more knowledge, become more efficient, share experience
    --the last of the list should have an "and": "... efficient and share experience..."

    from native professor’s .
    --professors. It's a plural, not a singular possessive. And no intervening space before the period/full stop.

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