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    ina way and in such a way...examples of use

    I was wondering if someone could help me to explain the difference between "in a way" and "in such a way" when used in conversation. Thank you very much.

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    Re: ina way and in such a way...examples of use

    In a way, I'm happy to see your question, because it give me a chance to use my new keyboard. In such a way, I am learning how to type better.

    There's not much difference. THe "such" usually refers back to something that you've just said. In this case, the "such a way" refers back to my using the keyboard, NOT to your question.

    You could also say, "In one way, I'm happy for your question..." but that would almost demand that you show the counterposition: "But in another way, it disturbs me, because ...."

    Keep listening to native speakers. In such a way, you'll learn the subtle nuances of their language.


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