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    I need an answer ,please!

    I need to know ,what is the difference between
    1-(give up) and (give in )
    2-I,ll never forget meeting the president. and
    I,ll always remember meeting the president.
    3-I always forget to turn off the lights. and
    I always remember to turn off the lights.

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    Re: I need an answer ,please!

    1. One gives up after a struggle, or surrenders something of substance. Or, in an imperative, it means stop fighting:

    One gives in to an argument or persuasion.

    I give up! I can't stand the noise any longer. I'm moving out!
    I would give up my company pension if I could find self-employment in my vocation.
    Give it up, already! I've heard enough of your bellyaching about the noise and your job.

    You're right. I've been foolish. I give in to your superior reasoning. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    2. These mean the same things. It's I'll, however, not I,ll.

    These are exactly opposite meanings.

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