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    ESL & Curriculum Planning/Mapping

    Hello to all! This is my first post, so I hope I am doing this in the right spot. I do ESL pull-out in my small district. I see kids PK-8, and assist in 9-12. My district would like me to map out what I do at each level. Since I have very minimal materials, and no set book to use, I am not sure what to do. Last year I was only part-time, and basically saw my kids part-time. This year I am full-time, so I get to see my kids more. Who knows what next year brings?! All my kids can speak English, just not enough to pass proficiency
    tests. So how do I do this? It's not like my kids come to me all the same way and at the same level of English.

    Any ideas? Does anyones district have any maps posted online? I need some guidance! Please help - thanks!

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    Re: ESL & Curriculum Planning/Mapping

    I would just record the different things you have taught them, like vocabulary areas, grammar points, communicative activities, etc, along with records of the materials you have used. In the UK, we have a national curriculum which people are supposed to map their work against, which is an enormously tedious and time-consuming activity, but if you have been teaching without so much as a set book, then I can't see them requiring something like this. Have a look at the indexes of a few books and see how they have broken things down and see if you can do something similar with what you have been doing with them.

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