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    the main subject

    Dear teachers.

    I'd like know the main subject(cliche, motto, proverb...)of the next story.

    My name is Britney. I have a very busy family. I wasn't busy. I was bored. It was the school holidays and I had nothing to do. Then I had a brainwave. 'I think I'll go to work today,' I announced, ' Can I Mum?'
    'Can you what? Oh Britney, look I really am very busy.' Mum said. She hadn't said no so I took that as a yes.
    I walked down the street until I came to Mrs Brown the bakers shop. 'Hello Britney.' smiled Mrs Brown, 'has your Mum sent you shopping?' 'No, not today.' 'Oh, what can I do for you then?' Mrs Brown asked.
    'I'd like to work in your shop.' Mrs Brown looked surprised. 'You want a job?'
    'Yes please,' I grinned. 'Well I suppose I do get busy from time to time. I'll tell you what, why don't you help me this morning to see how things work out.' I gasped. 'You mean I've got the job?'
    'You can start now if you like,' Mrs Brown smiled, handing me a baker's apron. 'Wow, great!'
    I got to work carrying trays of buns out to the counter. They looked and smelt very tasty but Mrs Brown told me I wasn't to eat any while working. After a while though, I started to get a bit bored. All I seemed to do was carry things about. Then I noticed some loose doughnuts. I'd seen a man on T.V once, juggling doughnuts.
    'I could do that.' I thought. And I did. I juggled first two, then three doughnuts until they all fell splat onto the floor. 'Hurray!' I heard clapping and looked around. Some old ladies in the shop had been watching. I took a bow. Mrs Brown didn't clap. She looked a bit cross. 'Sorry Mrs Brown,' I said 'Thanks for letting me try but I don't really think I want to be a baker.' Mrs Brown smiled. 'No harm done dear. Here, I'll give you fifty pence for your help.' 'Thanks, Mrs Brown.' I walked down the road. Suddenly, a fire engine whizzed by, it's siren wailing loudly. 'That's it!' I smiled, 'I'll be a fire-fighter.' The fire station was just around the corner. I hurried inside.
    'I'd like to be fire fighter. Do you have any vacancies?' I asked the fire chief.
    He looked me up and down. 'Interesting, we've never had such a small fire fighter. Still I don't see why not,' he said. 'Great!' I smiled. 'You can start by learning how to use a hose.'
    The chief took me to where some firemen stood squirting hoses. They squirted water into the upstairs windows of a pretend house. The chief handed me a hose. 'See how you get on. I'll be back soon.'
    I aimed the hose and squirted the windows. 'This is fabulous,' I laughed. 'Not bad for your first time,' cheered the other firemen. But after a while I got bored squirting windows. Instead I squirted the other firemen.
    'Hey, watch it!' they shouted. 'I thought you needed cooling down.' I chuckled.
    Just then the chief came back. He didn't look very happy.' What's going on?' he frowned.
    'Ooops, sorry Chief. Thanks for giving me a try but I think I'll look for a different job.'
    'I think maybe you should,' grinned the Chief, 'before all my firemen catch colds.'
    I walked back into town. 'There must be a job I'll like,' I thought to myself.
    I passed Tom the window cleaner, up a ladder. 'Hello Britney what are you up to?' he called.
    'I'm looking for a job,' I told him. 'A job eh. What about givin' us a hand with the windows?'
    I couldn't believe it. 'Are you sure?' 'Sure I'm sure, come on grab a cloth.'
    Tom and I scrubbed the windows of Mrs Fish's pet shop. There was a cheeky kitten in the shop window and I made a face at him. Window cleaning was quite a good job. But I soon got a bit fed up. Outside the pet shop were some old boxes of straw. I had an idea. While Tom wasn't looking I emptied the water out of his bucket and replaced it with straw. Then I took the bucket up the ladder and called Tom. 'What's up Britney?' Tom asked.
    'I think there's something wrong with this water.' 'Let's have a look.' 'Okay! Here goes.' I said and tipped up the bucket.'Careful!' cried Tom but it was too late. He was covered in a shower of straw.
    I laughed ' You look like a scarecrow.' 'Very clever.' Tom smiled, 'you'll not wash too many windows with straw.
    We had a good chuckle then I thanked Tom for letting me help.
    'Maybe getting a job hasn't been such a great idea after all.' I wondered as I walked on a bit. I found a bench and sat down to have rest. Just then I heard a voice say. 'Howdy down there!'
    I looked round to see two huge legs. I looked up…and up…and up. 'Wow! A stilt walker. Where did you come from? I asked. 'I'm telling everybody the circus is in town, for a whole week.' The stilt walker explained.
    'Wow! I love the circus.' I smiled. 'I saw your trick with the straw, very funny.' laughed the stilt walker.
    I told the stilt walker about my adventures trying to get a job. The stilt walker listened then said.
    'You know I think I can help.' 'You can!' I gasped. 'Come on follow me.'
    I hurried after the stilt walker. It was hard work keeping up. The stilt walker took such big strides.
    In a few minutes we arrived at the Circus. There was a big colourful tent. There were lots of trucks as well. And all the circus acts were practising outside, jugglers, tightrope walkers, and acrobats. The stilt walker spoke to a man in a fancy suit. He called me over. 'Britney, I'd like you to meet the ringmaster. He's in charge of the circus.' 'Hello.' I said. 'How would you like to be a clown in my circus, Britney?' smiled the ringmaster.
    'A clown, Yippee, I'd love it.' I could hardly believe it. 'The show's tonight.' said the Stilt walker.
    'Tonight, but won't I need to practise.' I asked. The Stilt walker chuckled, 'I don't think so, you've been practising all day.' That night I was a part of a great clown act. I got to wear baggy pants and a big red nose. I juggled sausages and squirted the boys and girls with water. And threw buckets of confetti at the other clowns. It was amazing. There was a big audience and every time we came on they all clapped. Mum and Dad came. I think they enjoyed not being busy for a change. I even noticed the Fire Chief, Mrs Brown, and Tom the window cleaner in the front row. 'Now why didn't I think of this sooner?' I thought to myself.

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    Re: the main subject

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Dear teachers.
    I'd like know the main subject(cliche, motto, proverb...)of the next story.
    Well, first, what are your thoughts?

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