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    Question with ... coming

    please someone explain this for me.
    Iran is 2 or 3?
    This comes after years of Lieberman warning about the growing Iranian threat. Now, he has dropped Tehran to number two, with Iraq coming third.

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    Re: with ... coming

    Hi ARAM
    According to Lieberman, Tehran used to be the number one threat, and Iraq the second threat, but there is a new number one threat (left unstated), which has Tehran dropping down the list to second place and Iraq to third place.

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    Re: with ... coming

    One of the meanings of 'to come' is take or occupy or achieve a specified position when things are placed in order, or priority

    So - someone comes first in a race, someone comes second, someone comes last.

    Who is the greatest threat to the US? In order, Tehran used to be the greatest threat - it came first in the list of greatest threats - but now, other countries pose a greater threat, so it now comes third on the list.

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