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Thread: simple question

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    Unhappy simple question

    Hi, nobody bleeds for the dancer! is this an idiom or what? thank u

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    Re: simple question

    That's from a Black Sabath song "Heaven and Hell" and it can be interpreted in many ways...bcz they never gave an explanation for it.
    In my oppinion to bleed for someone's mean to care or on the other hand show compassion or mercy.
    But the main question is whom does the dancer interpet..i wud say that a dancer is someone who is succesful or someone who give everything in his life..maybe they referred to themeselves being famous and rich.
    Or another interpration would be that a dancer is somebody seeking for attention, looking for, but not gettin any love.
    "Love is the answer but nobody bleeds for the dancer"..nobody understands him, nobody cares.
    i hope that this helped

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