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    Question Looking for a verb

    I'm a native English speaker, but I can't think of a verb that means "to look up in a thesaurus." If I were to say, "Please define xxx," where xxx is a word, that would mean to look up in a dictionary. Is there a word, like 'define' that would mean "to find a synonym?"

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    PS I'm looking to add functionality to Mozilla's project Ubiquity, to make it easy to find synonyms quickly. You can currently type "define xxx," and I thought a nice feature would be "synonym xxx." It would just make more sense if I used a verb rather than a noun. Thanks again.

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    Re: Looking for a verb

    To my knowledge, there's isn't a word, but I could be wrong. Come to think of it, if there were such a verb, it wouldn't be known to most people and so they wouldn't know to use it. I'm mean, even the word synonym is on the periphery, if even that, of the average person's mind.

    If it's a noun you're looking for, what about "same meaning"?

    I use "define XXX" most of the time, but the majority of people use "what does XXX mean", even "XXX mean(ing)". Maybe looking into what it is that people actually use might help out some--just a kind thought.

    All the best.

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