Can dialysis patients go on holiday?

The answer is very simple: Yes!

Most of dialysis patients time to time feel depresed and feel sad. This is especially the time to take very good care of yourself. This means right diet, exercise and adaquate sleep. to be able to overcome this negative emotional times you have to pamper yourselve by doing the the things you like the most. Vacation is an important social activity, it will highlight your social and those close to you. A purpose of a vacation should be to increase the quality of your life, where you will get planty of pleasure out of it.

Today, in Turkey regardless of your holiday destionation you will find a dialysis center near by. Most of the well known holiday resorts will have a center close by that will cater to the needs of holiday makers. By doing the things you like to do, you would gain some of your freedom.

You could easily obtain a list of Dialysis Centers from organisations or from internet pages.

While planning of a holiday a dialysis patient and people she will be going with should carefully check to see if there is an adequte dialysis center near by. They should specially be very carefull with last minute travel decisions. Donít let the excitment of finding a desired holiday spot to over look if there is a dialysis center near where you will be holidaying.

After finding a dialysis center, patients should also be carefuly looking into the following suggestions to have a pleasant holiday:

There should be clear communication between your home dialysis center and the center where you will consider going during your holiday. Each centers should be able to exchange detailed uninterrupted information. It is also wise to have a brief history of your treatment an
epicrisis sent to the new center before hand. This way they will be prepared and expecting you. On your arrival you should be received by admission team. paper work and other formalities should be done as quickly as possible,

While on holiday you should have ample amount of your medicine with you.
When preparing for your holiday try to choose the most confortable season of the year for you, by avoiding sudden changes in climate you could eliminate some possible complications.
Excessive heat will make you consume more liquid, if you can control you in take of water and other liquids in between your session you weight gain will be minimal.
One of the most important point for dialysis patients is diet. If you are carefull with your diet while on holidays you will avoid unwanted complications such as nausia, vomiting, high blood pressure, shortness of breath vs..

In your hotel donít be tempted by those open buffet meals. Watch your portions as you do back home.

Choose the most ergonomic holiday hotel/resort for you. To avoid any unpleasanteries get detailed information about the place from a reputable source . Find out about the services they can provide for your comfort.

Regardless of where you choose stay, a Holiday Resort, Hotel or Bed & Breakfast before you go, you have to be sure that when needed they can start an immediate communication with the dialysis center for you and find out if they have had previous experience dealing with such situation. You should also have emergency telephone numbers with you.

A little research before you go and by taking care of yourself during your vacation you would
have a great time and leave with found memories.

What else to say Bonvoyage!!