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    Breadth Requirement

    Dear US teachers,

    I have some questions about studying at Community Colleges in California :

    (i) Out of curiosity, what does the "breadth requirement" mean in "The general education requirement was previously known as the breadth requirement"?

    (ii) Do the six categories of curriculum(English Communication, Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning, Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavior Sciences, Physical and Biological Sciences, Languages other than English) required for the GE under the IGETC have various subjects for students to choose?

    (iii) Is Physical Science equivalent to Physics?

    (iv) Is there anything a student has to pay attention to when selecting subjects to attend at Community Colleges before transferring to UC for a particular major, say, Business Administration?

    Thank you very much for your advice.

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    Re: Breadth Requirement

    I can only guess at an answer to (i), as I don't have the cultural background. I imagine 'breadth requirement' refers to broadness of education (that is, not just dyed-in-the-wool scientists with no other interests).

    The change from this term is an amusing reflection on obesity. Theme parks have a 'height requirement' - to stop very young people going on inappropriate rides. Maybe the schools thought they had to stop using the term 'breadth requirement' in case people thought you had to be overweight to get in...


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