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    Smile bunch

    "bunch" is used before plural nouns; a bunch of flowers, a bunch of bananas,
    we also say "a bunch of garlic". I checked different dictionaries and garlic was an uncountable noun. Can bunch be used before an uncountable noun too? If not why is it used before garlic which is uncountable?

    What do we use for "bottled water"?
    Is there any bottled water or are there any bottled water?
    Thank you so much

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    Re: bunch

    "bunch" is used two ways, here.

    It is used to describe a group or gathered amount. Bunch of flowers is bouquet of flowers. Bunch of bananas is the group of bananas you might pick up at the store, since they don't come one at a time (individually)

    "Bunch" can also mean "many" or an large amount.
    There is a bunch of kids at the beach.
    Grab a bunch of cookies and a glass of milk.
    That recipe called for a bunch of garlic.

    Is there bottled water available?
    Is there a bottled water in the frig.

    Are there bottled waters in the frig?
    Are there bottled waters available for the trip?

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