real thing that happened... trying to help my friend a public enemy no. 1 -> bus driver :)

Dear Sir/Madame

I’m writing in response to accusation of leaving intending passenger on the stop, and laughing at one. The incident had occurred on the [XX]th/nd [Month] [XXXX] at about [X:XX]pm when I was leaving [street name] stop heading towards [city]. Gentleman who is accusing me of the fact, approached the bus from between the back of bus shelter and the street. When I saw him I shook my head to notify him that I wasn’t going to reopen the doors. Served two other passengers who were already standing on the bridge, switched on the engine and pulled away. While doing this I took a quick glance on that gentleman and saw him shouting and swearing at me. This was probably when I could have smiled but not laughed and smiled with a pity seeing a well groomed, middle aged man standing on the verge of the street and shouting swear words at a bus driver.
I do admit that I had left this passenger behind. I had done it only because he was late for the bus (it was time of departure), I had doors closed before I saw him approaching and first of all he wasn’t in a safe position to board, trying to squeeze from between the front bus corner and the shelter.