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    Question for & to / with & to

    i just need to ask one question, is there a rule in grammer that states when can i use these words

    for example:

    - I worte a letter for Jane OR I wrote a letter to Jane.
    - I explained the lesson for the students OR I explained the lesson to the students.

    and also...

    - I spoke with him OR I spoke to him.

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    Re: for & to / with & to

    Every example is correct, in its proper context.

    I worte [wrote, actually] a letter for Jane
    is ambiguous in that it could either mean that you did the writing to someone else because Jane could not, or it could mean you wrote a letter that you intended to give to Jane.

    I wrote a letter to Jane

    means you wrote it, and addressed it to Jane.

    I spoke with him
    means you had a conversation, implies some back and forth. Or it could mean it was a discipline thing, but either way, it implies he had a response, even if it was just "Yes, sir!"

    I spoke to him

    suggests it was strictly one way, as you would speak to a crowd, for example.


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