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Thread: get canned

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    Smile get canned

    Please, dear teachers and friends...

    Could you shed some light on this?

    I heard that "get axed" = "get canned" = "get fired":

    My question:

    could 'get canned' also mean that someone has not received a money that someone else promised to pay (off?), like a debt or something?
    By the way, how do we colloquially call those ones who "don't like paying" on/in time?


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    Re: get canned

    No, getting canned is losing a job. That person is a shyster.

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    Re: get canned

    verb (BrE) (NAmE ax) [vn] [often passive]
    1 to get rid of a service, system, etc. or to reduce the money spent on it by a large amount:
    Other less profitable services are to be axed later this year.
    2 to remove sb from their job:
    Jones has been axed from the team.
    3 to kill sb with an axe

    verb (-nn-) [vn]
    1 (especially NAmE) to preserve food by putting it in a can
    2 (NAmE, informal) to dismiss sb from their job fire,


    [vn] to force sb to leave their job sack: We had to fire him for dishonesty. She got fired from her first job. He was responsible for hiring and firing staff.

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