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    How Do I Grade A Presntation Of Young Collectors?

    I am not a teacher. I am seeking teacher's advice.

    I own an antique shop in Georgia. Over the past year I have several young adults that frequent my shop that are collectors. These children amaze me with their knowledge of what they collect. They collect old coins, Native American, old bottles, Civil War, Depression glass, etc..

    So, I had this idea about having a contest for all the surroundings schools for young adults that collect our history. Antique collectors are few and far between these days. They are getting older and retiring because of their age and health. These few young adults have inspired me to inspire more young collectors of our past.

    My questions are:
    1. How do you set your age ranges? I am looking for ages 8-15.
    2. What should I look for in their presentations?
    3. How should I grade them? In what areas?
    4. What would you suggest on the length of the presentation?
    5. What is your opinion on using PowerPoint presentation on their collections?

    I am also open to any suggestion that you may have that will get people involved.

    My shop will also be giving away cash prizes to the winners.

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    Re: How Do I Grade A Presntation Of Young Collectors?

    "Grading" is going to be very difficult for such a subjective topic.

    The ability to share a collection in order to excite the audience is very important. They must know their collection AND be able to explain its historical significance.

    Get some other judges to help you out: someone from the media and someone from the performing arts community.

    Consider giving gift certificates to the students. Accepting cash may be a potential issue in the future for some of these kids.

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