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    There goes the phone, again

    What does the following sentence mean?

    => There goes the phone, again


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    Re: There goes the phone, again

    What is the situation?

    It probably means, "The phone keeps ringing!" or "The phone is ringing again!" . The speaker is either annoyed that the phone is ringing so much, or is simply surprised that it is ringing so much.

    "There goes the ____!" can be used in 2 ways:

    1) whenever something happens over and over again.

    *dog is always making noise* "There goes that dog again!"
    "There you go again, always blaming me!"

    2) If something unexpectedly breaks or behaves strangely.
    *Lightbulb breaks* "Oops, there go the lights."
    *A plan does not go well* "Well, there goes my plan!"

    It's a very strange expression, and is actually hard to explain. If you give me an example, or have any questions, I'd be glad to try again!

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