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    Smile what does that sentence mean? thanks for help...

    The effective concentrations that inhibited 50% viral replication (EC(50)), as determined in all tested strains, were either comparable or lower than benchmark values derived from well-known anti-HIV drugs like ENF or AZT, while the cytotoxic concentrations causing 50% cell death (CC(50)) were relatively high, rendering it an ideal anti-HIV agent

    im not sure about what the above says...does it mean there is some drag of certain effective concentration can inhibit 50% viral replication and at the same time it also kills 50% cell? if thats so it doesnt make sence redering it as an ideal agent, or the effective concentration in the beggining is not refering to cytotoxic concentractions?

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    Re: what does that sentence mean? thanks for help...

    To have a therapeutic effect, the amount (concentration) of a drug that has to be given may also have some degree of cytotoxicity.

    The concentration of SFT that inhibited the replication of the HIV virus was LOWER than those concentrations needed with other anti-viral drugs.
    It took a concentration much higher than the therapeutic concentration of SFT to reach a standard benchmark of degree of cytotoxicity (50% cell death).
    Hence, at the therapeutic dose level, it has low cytotoxicity.
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