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    she touched......!!!!

    hi ..
    what do we mean when we say that [she touched the brink of all we hate]

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    Re: she touched......!!!!

    Without the context in which it is used, it could mean almost anything. Please give the full sentence/context.

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    Re: she touched......!!!!

    It's a long poem Ms. Anglika called (Epistle 2 to a lady) by Alexander pope in which he describes women..
    The line I want is 52... and please if you can give me the meaning of lines 54-55-58 also

    and this is some of the poem:

    1 Nothing so true as what you once let fall,
    2 "Most Women have no Characters at all."
    3 Matter too soft a lasting mark to bear,
    4 And best distinguish'd by black, brown, or fair.

    5 How many pictures of one Nymph we view,
    6 All how unlike each other, all how true!
    7 Arcadia's Countess, here, in ermin'd pride,
    8 Is there, Pastora by a fountain side.
    9 Here Fannia, leering on her own good man,
    10 And there, a naked Leda with a Swan.
    11 Let then the Fair one beautifully cry,
    12 In Magdalen's loose hair and lifted eye,
    13 Or drest in smiles of sweet Cecilia shine,
    14 With simp'ring Angels, Palms, and Harps divine;
    15 Whether the Charmer sinner it, or saint it,
    16 If Folly grows romantic, I must paint it.

    17 Come then, the colours and the ground prepare!
    18 Dip in the Rainbow, trick her off in Air,
    19 Chuse a firm Cloud, before it fall, and in it
    20 Catch, e'er she change, the Cynthia of this minute.

    21 Rufa, whose eye quick-glancing o'er the Park,
    22 Attracts each light gay meteor of a Spark,
    23 Agrees as ill with Rufa studying Locke,
    24 As Sappho's diamonds with her dirty smock,
    25 Or Sappho at her toilet's greazy task,
    26 With Sappho fragrant at an ev'ning Mask:
    27 So morning Insects that in muck begun,
    28 Shine, buzz, and fly-blow in the setting-sun.

    29 How soft is Silia! fearful to offend,
    30 The Frail one's advocate, the Weak one's friend:
    31 To her, Calista prov'd her conduct nice,
    32 And good Simplicius asks of her advice.
    33 Sudden, she storms! she raves! You tip the wink,
    34 But spare your censure; Silia does not drink.
    35 All eyes may see from what the change arose,
    36 All eyes may see---a Pimple on her nose.

    37 Papillia, wedded to her am'rous spark,
    38 Sighs for the shades---"How charming is a Park!
    39 A Park is purchas'd, but the Fair he sees
    40 All bath'd in tears---"Oh odious, odious Trees!"

    41 Ladies, like variegated Tulips, show,
    42 'Tis to their Changes half their charms we owe;
    43 Their happy Spots the nice admirer take,
    44 Fine by defect, and delicately weak.
    45 'Twas thus Calypso once each heart alarm'd,
    46 Aw'd without Virtue, without Beauty charm'd;
    47 Her Tongue bewitch'd as odly as her Eyes,
    48 Less Wit than Mimic, more a Wit than wise:
    49 Strange graces still, and stranger flights she had,
    50 Was just not ugly, and was just not mad;
    51 Yet ne'er so sure our passion to create,
    52 As when she touch'd the brink of all we hate.

    53 Narcissa's nature, tolerably mild,
    54 To make a wash, would hardly stew a child,
    55 Has ev'n been prov'd to grant a Lover's pray'r,
    56 And paid a Tradesman once to make him stare,
    57 Gave alms at Easter, in a Christian trim,
    58 And made a Widow happy, for a whim.

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