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    bibliography or references

    What is the difference between bibliography and references ? Is the following definition correct?

    Bibliography: a list of books , articles, etc which provide further reading on the themes covered in the book; usually found at the end.

    references: sources used by the author.

    And does the following ones called references or bibliography?

    S. Adams, The Dilbert Principle, Harper-Collins, 1999
    K. Blanchard, Mission Possible, mcGraw-Hill, 1987
    J.M. Dru, Distrupcion, John Wiley& Sons, 1996

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    Re: bibliography or references

    You can use either of them at the end of an academic paper (to list your sources). Anyway, if you are writing a paper, you refer to academic sources. In this case you have references:

    Since Kihara considers his ‘expectation space theory’ similar to Sperber and Wilson’s (1981) ‘echoic mention theory’ and Sperber and Wilson’s (1986, 1998) ‘echoic interpretation theory’ ...

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    Re: bibliography or references

    It strongly depends on what kind of material you are publishing, strictly speaking, 'bibiography' is used if you read papers, books, journals and similar; and... 'Refences' is by far more used because it means you have read books, papers, journals, you have talked to specialists, you have used CD, DVD or other kinda of midia.

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