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    mixer vs food mixer

    Hi there,

    I wrote a crossword about household items, with illustrations of different items as clues;
    Was I wrong to give them 'mixer' and not 'food mixer'?
    I see that the term is either 'food mixer', 'electric food mixer', or simply 'mixer'.
    Doesn't the context make it clear that the item is used for food and, consequently, there is no need to add 'food' before 'mixer'?
    I do hope I was right


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    Re: mixer vs food mixer

    In the kitchen, when the word 'mixer' comes up, nobody will think of a cement mixer.
    Mixer is also a cocktail component. Ask Tom Cruise!

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    Re: mixer vs food mixer

    They may be czalled that by the industry, but that doesn't mean they're universally referred to in full. I'd say mixer/blender,etc. The one I wouldn't shorten is 'food processor'.

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