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    Sentence correction

    Samuel Jones, Project Manager for the Simplex project, visited the client location yesterday.

    Can someone please tell me if the above sentence is fine? Should it be Project Manager for or Project Manager of? Also, is the use of visit OK?

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    Re: Sentence correction

    appppposition. Yes.

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    Re: Sentence correction


    1. Project Manager for the Simplex project
    2. Project Manager of the Simplex project
    I think that either way is fine.

    Calit2 : California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology
    HPCwire Editor-in-Chief Alan Beck's interview with Maxine Brown, of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois-Chicago and project manager of the OptIPuter project.
    Even in the aerospace and defense industry, as well as among law firms and consulting firms, more employers are adding non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation as well as providing additional insurance coverage for transgendered staff, said Samir Luther, manager of the Workplace Project at the Human Rights Campaign foundation. - Risky descent planned for Mars crater - Jun 9, 2004
    "A cautious path gets us [to the target site] Tuesday of next week," said Jim Erickson, deputy manager for the Mars rover project. - India immunizes millions in massive polio campaign - September 24, 2000
    Gary Hlady, World Health Organization's (WHO) program manager for the national polio surveillance project, told Reuters the project was being undertaken on such a large scale to ensure no child below the age of five misses out.

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