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    Cool world power

    hey,i wanna doanload free dictionary or on line or whatevever i can save 4
    which showes distincly and perciesly in which situation we can use them,i was wondering if u answered me.

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    Thumbs down Re: how ask my teacher?

    HI,my teacher just loves one of his student and just lets her to talk &never allowes us to talk just wants flirting whith her how i can hint him,that let others talk 2,i mean expression,idiom that i can throw it in the middle of class,beacuse he loves idiom that kind of talking

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    Re: how ask my teacher?

    I suggest saying: Maryam is brilliant, but can we ordinary mortals participate too?

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    Re: world power

    Online dictionary- try OneLook Dictionary Search it searches hundreds of dictionaries so you can compare. You'll find links to many more here: Dictionaries Thesauri and Reference - ESL Web Directory -

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