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    Capitalization - grammar, spelling or punctuation?

    If there is a capitalization error in a sentence, should the error be labeled a grammar, spelling or punctuation error? I recently took a test and capitalization error was not listed as a choice for an answer - only grammar, spelling or punctuation. I have a book that states capitalization is a mechanic of spelling. A website I use shows capitalization under punctuation section. I also have another book that show captalization rules under grammar.

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    Re: Capitalization - grammar, spelling or punctuation?

    It can depend upon where and how it is used. In general it is a mechanic of spelling, and if you follow the rules you should have no problem. However, some of the educational tests that we see these days make one wonder on what planet are those who set the tests. Instead of concentrating on the basics and essentials some questions appear out of context, even unrelated to the real subject.
    In your case it is more important to know when to use capitals.

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