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Thread: "The" Mankind

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    "The" Mankind


    Why can one say, "the sun", "the earth" etc., but not "the mankind" - or can one?

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: "The" Mankind

    No, but you can say "the human race."

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    Re: "The" Mankind

    When talking about sun, moons, planets, most people take this to be referring to our solar system.
    How many 'suns' does our solar system have? If I said, 'the sun', would you respond, "Which sun do you mean?"

    Similarly, since the Earth has only one moon, it is instantly recognizable as 'the moon'.

    When we speak in generalizations, we omit any article:
    Crime is on the increase. cf :"Has he committed a crime, officer?" cf "He has committed the crime of murder in the first degree."
    Mankind is doomed.

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