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Thread: Roman Holiday

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    Roman Holiday

    Hi teachers!

    I'd like to ask about "Roman Holiday", the tile of a famous movie. Does it have a diffrent meaning from "A holiday in Rome"?



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    Re: Roman Holiday

    To a foreigner, such as myself, what do you think would be the difference between
    A Wedding in Japan
    A Japanese Wedding.

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    Re: Roman Holiday

    1. a wedding in Japan
    2. a Japanese wedding

    Is #1 a wedding which is held in Japanese?
    Is #2 a Japanese-style wedding?

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    Re: Roman Holiday

    Yes, (1) merely locates where the wedding takes place.
    (2) evokes the picture of all the cultural tradition that makes a Japanese wedding so different to a Russian, Jewish, or British wedding ceremony.

    So - "A Holiday in Rome" is rather pedestrian and prosaic, whereas, Roman Holiday conjures the idea, not of being a mere tourist, a sightseer, but experiencing your time in the city as the Romans do/ as if a Roman yourself. It evokes all one's fantasies about being in a romantic city and the life-style of the Italians.

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