Hi guys
I have to write a report of theft and damage. I am not sure i am doing it in the right way. that's my report. Could you help me with mistakes? What do you think about it? Is it correct? Thanks in advance

Dear Sir

I want to inform that my car has been stolen. The incident took place yesterday at night. Just before one o'clock I've heard loud noises comes from outside. I've put a coat and run outside the house. I've seen two men standing next to my car. One of them has a big hammer. He had apparently used it to broke the windscreen and crush the bonnet.
Suddenly they got inside the car and somehow start the engine. Then they run away.
It was a red brand-new Opel Vectra, 1999. License number AB1243. I hope the information will be sufficient to catch those guys and get my car back

Mr. A