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    Red face How to teach 7th grade

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    Hello, everybody.
    I have been teaching a 7th grade girl who just came from Korea 4 months ago. (I am a tutor)
    I would like to know what is the best and effective way to teach? The problem is that she is not interested in studying, which worries me.
    From my understanding, using correct grammer is the most important thing, especially if someone is from another country. It will always be on her way no matter what kind of subject she will study. right?

    So, how do you teach this level of student in a way that she can earn some interest and improve English grammer?

    I really appreciate for your help.


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    Re: How to teach 7th grade

    You will certainly not gain her interest by teaching grammar. Grammar comes with use and experience, and you will be much more effective if you let her interests guide her studies, rather than vice versa. A colorful, modern multi-skills textbook geared to youth is the easiest way to experiment-- use the sections that interest her. Get her talking about what she likes to talk about, watch some videos of TV shows that she likes, and deal with the grammar and vocabulary problems as they arise in those contexts.

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