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    I have several question which i face all of them during watching films

    what do these mean(stop shrinking me),(you need a serious bracing reality check),(cut sb slack) ,what dose reality check mean?

    i have heard frome a film(i am stressing) as you know (to stress)is a stative verb,is it correct?

    he speak with.....great authority on the subject.(can we use article (a))

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    Re: meaning

    Another term for psychologist and psychiatrist is the noun shrink. Stop shrinking me means, don't psychoanalyse me.

    Reality, notice the word Real-, refers to the real/true world, as opposed to a world based in fantasy. You need a serious reality check means, you need to see the world the way it really is; stop living in a world of fantasy.

    Cut . . . slack refers to rope. If a rope is too taut, too tight, then it's not slack. To make the rope slack, you have to loosen it. The idiom cut somebody some slack means to loosen contraints.

    I am stressing is short for, I am stressing out about something.

    There isn't an a or a the before great: with great authority on the subject.

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