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    Post A letter of complaint

    I need a help in writing a complaint letter.
    Topic: I ordered an English dictionary on 1st March. The salesman said it would arrive on the 6th March but it arrived late on the 8th march.
    When I looked at the dictionary, some of the pages were missing and the cover was dirty.
    I need to write a lettter of complaint and want a refund.

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    Re: A letter of complaint

    What are the points of complaint?

    1 >> late delivery

    2 >> missing pages [not clear if these have been torn out or have been missed during the production of the book - you need to be clear which]

    3 >> the cover was dirty.

    Your letter needs to start with a statement about your order. It then needs to state the nature of your complaints. Finally you need to say what you would like the company to do - replace with a clean and complete copy or refund your payment.

    Write a draught and post it for comment.

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