Some people think it is better to be self-employed. Other people say it is better to work for a company or institution. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There are many options to pursue a career. Some may choose to have their own business whereas others prefer to work for a company or institution. As discussed below, in my opinion, either way is good as long as the work you have chosen can make you happy.

Being an owner of a business can be very satisfactory. As a business owner, he or she has opportunities to meet different people and do different types of work in the business. Apart from that self-employees are able to choose whatever time they like to work, thus their schedules are more flexible compare with people working for companies. Most importantly, self-employees usually earn more money than those who work for companies.

In comparison to being self-employed, people working for a company have more benefits for training, health insurance and travelling. For example, companies nowadays usually provide formal training for a person who has little experience when he or she enters a field. Furthermore, company or government employees worry little about their insurance because the issue will be taken care of by their employers. Big companies will usually also allow them to travel to other places free for work.

However, both business owners and employees of companies or institutions have their own problems. For instance, business owners have to deal with lots of trivial tasks and sacrifice their personal life for work, while employees of companies or institutions may complain about their paid at times.

To conclude, if the purpose is to pursue happiness then people should choose the work they like, regardless of it is work for their own or for others. It is difficult to simply tell one type of work is superior to the other because it all depends on one’s goal in his or her life.