The development of agriculture brings new farming machines, farming factories and new types of fruits and vegetable. To what extent do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

In this day and age, the human race is advancing at an unprecedented rate in a multitude of arenas, the advance of agriculture is very prominent among them. It takes new machines and factories for the farming productions, and the fruits and vegetable which people have never seen before attract them. But in the meantime, whether the advantages over the disadvantages has become a highly debatable issue. Some people believes the benefit of farming’s breakthrough outweigh the harm .Speaking for myself, I agree with their proposition, with certain qualifications.

On the one hand, it is arguable that the development of agriculture brings numerous benefits to our lives. To start with, our efficiency at work has been greatly enhanced since the advent of new farming machine. Therefore, it means more profit and less costs for farmer. Moreover elaborate, it is a large number of new and developing farming factories that produce different farming products.More exactly those factories could offer enough capacity in new products research. Lastly, the new types of fruits and vegetable could take a fun to people. By that I mean, people could enjoy the finding with strange fruits or vegetable.

On the other hand, I would agree that rapid development on the agriculture have detrimental influence upon the people. The main reason for this is that labor-replacing machinery spring up following the farming advance. Clearly, those machines replace the worker and make many people unemployed. However, it is worth nothing that the huge stress generated by the competition of job has prompted worked to improve themselves. As a result, some of them will have a new self-worth then find another job. To sum up, I would agree that the development of agriculture is not without its adverse effects. Despite that, the benefits created by new farming machines, farming factories and new types fruits and vegetable for outweigh the disadvantage. Overall, I am convinced that we should further promote the development of farming.