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Thread: Story Telling

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    Story Telling


    I've always been fascinated with people who can tell stories, or writers. they can expand on one topic with different vocabularies, tone and whatever it is that makes it interesting.

    i'm not a native english speaker, and in my generation of twittering and sms, i tend to shorten sentences straight to the point.

    to illustrate, at work, even though i have done 20 things in a week, i will finish reporting them to my boss in 5 min. where as my colleage only did 3 things in a week, can talk hours about them.

    so, is there anything that can help me expand my 'stories'? i know reading books helps expand my knowledge and vocabularies, but is there a more practical ways?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Story Telling

    Try this.

    Put the main idea in the middle of a piece of paper and draw a circle around it. Let's say we're talking about something you did at work. Draw a line from that circle and at the other end, describe your internal or external client. Draw another line, and describe what you had to do to prepare to do this task. Draw another line and describe what techniques you used to do this task. One more line, and describe what the outcome was, the benefit. You can have one for what you learned from it, or what you would do differently next time.

    Then draw circles around each one of those new things - and draw lines off from there with any other ideas that "surround" those concepts.

    When you talk about the project, make your way around that first main idea, giving additional information about each aspect of the task you did.

    I was just talking to my father today about how this era of text messaging and reducing everything to as few characters as possible was destroying this generation's ability to think things through logically when communicating, let alone do it well in writing,

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